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From my corner of the internet to yours - let's get to know each other. Learn about who I am, what I'm working on, and where I'm headed .

🌎 High school student & changemaker

Karolina Dubiel is a passionate activist for women in STEM, a Civil Air Patrol cadet, and holder of a Student Pilot Certificate. In an effort to introduce more young girls into traditionally male-dominated STEM fields, she founded and personally manages the Girls in Aerospace Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on bringing aerospace opportunities to women worldwide.

She is a dedicated student at Redmond High School and enjoys extracurricular sports and academic activities, including volleyball and pole vault. In her free time, she focuses on mobile app development in Swift, as well as coding challenges in C and Python.

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Find my profile information below. For business and collaboration inquiries, email karolina@mgdubiel.com or send me a DM on LinkedIn.



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🛸 Projects ⠀

My main projects, initiatives, and side hustles . Apart from being a full-time high school student, find my latest endeavours here.

📲 LTEz iOS App

LTEz is an iOS app written by me in Swift 5 (via XCode), planned to hit the App Store in June 2021. LTEz is a map-based data-saving app.

Knowing your home locations (where you WiFi should connect automatically), LTEz will alert you if you've been home (or at work, school, etc.) for more than 15 mins and are still using mobile data.

The photo to the right shows an early prototype of what LTEz may look like.

👉 Keep up with my LTEz progress via my Scrapbook page on HackClub: www.scrapbook.hackclub.com/lola

💻 AFA CyberPatriot

During the summer of 2020, I participated in both the Standard and Advanced AFA CyberCamps , learning about cybersecurity and networking basics. Topics covered were basic and advanced Linux CLI, working with Cisco NetAcad and Cisco Packet Tracer, and how to secure Linux Ubuntu 16 and Windows 10 operating systems.

From September 2020 - February 2021, I individually mentored, led, and taught Overlake Composite Squadron's CyberPatriot XII team. We competed in 3 competitions, ending up in the top 20% of the nation and 1st place for all-service high schools in WA state. I planned a 3-month curriculum for weekly courses to lead a small team of complete beginners through Linux, Windows, and Cisco security. Operating systems that I made classes on and taught are below:

  • Ubuntu 16
  • Windows 10
  • Server 2016
  • Debian 9
  • Ubuntu 18
  • Server 2019

⭐ Learn more about the curriculum in AFA CyberCamps here and about CyberPatriot Competitions here !

🚀 Girls in Aerospace Foundation

I founded Girls in Aerospace (GIA) in early 2020 as a nonprofit to combat the inequity that I was witnessing in the aviation and aerospace fields .

GIA has grown into an incredible organization, with over 10,000 young women reached through our programs. We host webinars with aerospace professionals, create magazines and other projects with teams of girls around the world, and form an environment where aerospace is for everyone.

🌐 Learn more about GIA at our website, www.girlsinaerospace.org

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